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First of all I need to thank all of the fans, for being so patient and forgiving. They’ve found a place where we were about to be shooting and waited there for hours to at least have a word or take a picture. And what did I do? I came late and instead of giving them some of my time I could only say “My schedule is very thight, but I’ll be back later to see you”. And they’ve waited three more hours, but forgave me that. It’s really incredible, but makes me feel guilty. (…) I am aware that I shoud feel grateful for the trust I’m given, for all the support and loyalty. The sympathy of my fans really means a lot to me, and that’s why I’m trying to do the best I can. (x)

I want some goddamn receipts for this backdoor I refuse to start the festivities just yet

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This sounds weird but does anyone know what products or hair styling stuff Nicole does cuz her hair looks amazing

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He-Ate-Us meme

— (3/4) Relationships: Bedelia du Maurier and Hannibal Lecter

You are my patient and my colleague; not my friend.

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I don’t need to change my image with every single album. I don’t want to throw my wigs away. I don’t want to throw my outfits away. I want to celebrate them because these are the inventions that got me to where I am.

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Whatever game you think you’re playing, those out there are not playing it with you.

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BBC Sherlock S3 Character Alignments


I’m still sad about this

I’m catching up on Under The Dome and I don’t understand Barbie and his dad’s talk - “everything we’ve worked for” - the video skipped a bit so maybe I missed something. Is his dad his gang boss or something?

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